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28th of June 2016

Crowdfunding for cannabis as medicine raised $20,000

Medical Cannabis Declaration (MCD) used crowdfunding on Indiegogo to create videos, lectures, press information and a new web page in different languages. MCD thanks the 130 donors for donating $20,000 and nova-Institute for running the professional crowdfunding campaign. With this budget it was already possible to create two videos on cannabis as medicine and a free online course with six lectures in several languages as part of its efforts to shine some light on cannabis as medicine. In addition, nine press releases were released on topics such as “How does cannabis work as a medicine?”, “Cannabis targets cancer without harming healthy cells”, “Cannabis’ role in treating psychiatric diseases” or “Medical Cannabis as orphan drug”.


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15th of June 2016

The optimal way to consume Cannabis and Cannabinoids as medicine

Cannabinoids are unique compounds of the cannabis plant that can be used for a wide range of diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, loss of appetite and nausea during chemotherapy, epilepsy, chronic pain diseases, severe depression, post-traumatic stress disorder or chronic inflammatory diseases. However, the cannabinoids THC and CBD exist in the cannabis plant mostly under the form of the so called carboxylic acids. Heating converts the THC acids (THCA) into phenolic THC, and the CBD-carboxylic acid (CBDA) into phenolic CBD (so called “decarboxylation”). MCD’s newest lecture on cannabis as medicine explains the best ways to ‚activate’ cannabinoids in order to achieve the highest effect out of its medicinal compounds.


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9th of June 2016

Medical Cannabis as orphan drug

Medical Cannabis serves as an orphan drug for Tourette Syndrome, Dravet Syndrome, Stiff Person Syndrome, Achalasia and Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension. An orphan drug is a pharmaceutical agent that treats a rare medical condition, the condition itself being referred to as an orphan disease. Patients with an orphan disease have very limited choices. It is, therefore, good news that Cannabis as medicine can actually help in several rare medical conditions – in so long as the patient has legal access to medical Cannabis.


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19th of May 2016

Cannabis’ role in treating psychiatric diseases

More and more physicians discover the medical potential of cannabis and cannabinoids in psychiatry. While the use of cannabis has been linked with psychiatric illnesses, mainly causing psychoses, the therapeutic potential for mental diseases has been ignored for a long time. This view clearly changed in recent years. New studies show the enormous potential of the cannabinoids THC and CBD, the most important components of cannabis for treating psychological illnesses.


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12th of May 2016

The endocannabinoid system explained


The endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is so important for the normal functioning of many bodily processes, has been found in nearly all tissues and organs of the body: brain, spinal cord, immune system, the lungs, heart, blood vessels, liver, kidney, intestine, sexual organs, adipose tissue, skin, etc. Its main function is to equilibrate activity of other messengers in the body and balance their activity to a normal level. But how does it work? The second lecture of the free online course on “Cannabis as Medicine” by the “Medical Cannabis Declaration (MCD)” explains the mechanics of the ECS in several languages, accompanied by a video.

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3rd of April 2016

Cannabis targets cancer without harming healthy cells


Two different mechanisms seem to play a role in inhibiting tumor growth through cannabinoids, apoptosis and angiogenesis. Both effects are probably caused by cannabinoids binding with cannabinoid receptors. “What is special about cannabinoids in cancer treatment is their capacity to only induce programmed cell death (apoptosis) in cancer cells, but not in healthy cells”, explains Dr Franjo Grotenhermen, chairman of “Medical Cannabis Declaration”. “This makes cannabinoids unique and fundamentally different from standard chemotherapeutics which can cause severe side effects by harming healthy cells.” Other effects discussed by scientists are inhibition of cell division, reduced formation of metastases and less spreading to surrounding tissue, as well as interference with the waste regime of the cancer cells which can lead to their death. 

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28th of April 2016

Medically active Components of Cannabis


The charity “Medical cannabis Declaration (MCD)” released today the first lecture in a new series on the topic “Medically active components of cannabis”. The course is part of its global information campaign “Yes to Cannabis as Medicine”. It is available in English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, Mandarin, Japanese and Portuguese.

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26th of April 2016

How does cannabis work as a medicine?


The charity “Medical Cannabis Declaration (MCD)” kicks off crowdfunding for a worldwide information campaign in the most spoken languages

The latest output of the campaign is a video on the mechanism behind cannabis as medicine. Leading scientist from all over the world explain the extensive effect of cannabis on the human body’s endocannabinoid system and how this effect can be used for medical purposes.

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19th of April 2016

Launch of campaign: Crowdfunding for medical cannabis “Say yes to cannabis as medicine”


The charity “Medical Cannabis Declaration (MCD)” kicks off crowdfunding for a world wide information campaign

What if you had a serious disease that prevented you from living a normal life? Conventional medicines may not always work. What if there was an affordable natural medicine that could help, but there was no reliable source of information about this medicine or national laws would not allow you to use it?

This is the situation faced by millions of people around the world, who suffer from severe medical conditions

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