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Access to medical cannabis – an element of the right to health


The “Medical Cannabis Declaration (MCD)” charity kicks off crowdfunding for a world wide, multi-lingual information campaign “Say yes to cannabis as medicine” and invites you to be a part of it!

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What if you had a serious disease that prevented you from living a normal life? You have tried conventional medicines but they have caused serious side effects. What if there was a natural medicine that could help you, but you would not know about it?

Or what if your child or your close relatives had a serious disease that prevented them from having a normal childhood or life? Conventional medicines do not always work. But what if there was an affordable natural medicine that could help them, but there was no reliable source of information about this medicine or national laws would not allow to use it?

This is the situation faced by millions of people around the world, who suffer from severe medical conditions, such as Multiple Sclerosis, chronic pain, severe appetite loss or chronic inflammatory diseases. In most countries around the world there is no or very limited information or possibilities to receive treatment with cannabinoids, active compounds found in the cannabis plants, which can help improve patients’ quality of life considerably. For more information on the medical advantages of cannabis, please click here.

Only around 10 out of 200 countries in the world have established legislation that allows their citizens access to the medical use of cannabis and cannabinoids. About 20 other countries allow limitedMCD_worldmap access to cannabis-based medicines in certain specific cases. However, in well over 150 countries there is still no legal access to cannabis-based medicines.

Experiences from some American countries, Israel and some European countries that legalized medical cannabis in the last years show that comprehensive information for patients, doctors and policy makers, along with networking, are the crucial first steps for any new regulation. Most recently, in early 2016, the Australian Parliament legalized medical cannabis after a long campaign.

We believe that information is key to make responsible decisions. Therefore, we would like to make decades of experience on medical cannabis freely available in the most spoken languages in the world, support networking between patients and doctors, and finally achieve legal access to cannabis as medicine in all countries in the world.


Say Yes to cannabis as medicineMulti-lingual information campaign “Say yes to cannabis as medicine”!

With your help, MCD charity plans to launch a multi-lingual global information campaign
 on medical cannabis. We aim at informing patients, medical professionals, policy makers, and the general public, world wide, on the potential benefits derived from the use of cannabis as medicine. The campaign is supported by leading international medical professionals, such as … – please have a look at our website for more details.


With the budget raised through crowdfunding, the MCD charity will start and extend the following activities, step by step:

  • Sharing scientifically and medically backed information on the use of cannabis as medicine to patients, medical professionals, policy makers, and the general public through regular newsletters.
  • Creating and expanding a database on all aspects of cannabis as medicine for patients and medical professionals as well as policy makers, freely made available in several languages.
  • Creating and expanding a world wide network that brings together medical professionals and patients, along with associations and organisations they may represent.
  • Spreading awareness of medical cannabis through regular multi-lingual press releases on medical cannabis to the world wide press.
  • The information will be available in the most widely spoken languages around the world and free for all to use. This will include languages such as English, Mandarin, Hindi, Spanish, and Russian, among others.
  • MCD will cooperate closely with existing platforms on cannabis as medicine and link and expand existing networks – especially with the International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines (IACM, http://www.cannabis-med.org). We welcome all associations and organisations active on the issue to work alongside us on this cause.


The project hopes to create a community of people who can help at the local, national and international levels by providing information on cannabis as medicine. The project will also support existing organisations, who fight for an improvement of medical cannabis access in their countries, and to help establish new ones, where those do not yet exist. MCD will spread the Medical Cannabis Declaration and will help interested parties getting in contact with each other and allow them to learn from each other’s work. These networks will help promote the spread of information to patients and medical professionals, and ease policy makers into the potential benefits of cannabis.

All donors who wish to be listed will be included on the website of the charity, click here to see who is already on our list. As the campaign progresses, we hope to unlock several unique features, such as interviews with experts and patients, along with other informative features.

We hope that other associations and organisations, groups and individuals decide to join this campaign and sponsor the growing movement to make medical cannabis more widely available, click here to see who is already on our list. The project will be clearly limited to the use of cannabis as medicine!


Please support this world wide information campaign by donating or sharing this information with your networks.


Empower patients who stand to benefit from medical cannabis.


Let us all say “Yes to cannabis as medicine”.


Responsible for the campaign “Yes to cannabis as medicine”


Franjo Grotenhermen, MD




Contact and coordinator of the campaign “Yes to cannabis as medicine”


Luis Sarmento